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about us

We are two friends based in Sydney, both mums, both born in Poland, who created this site showcasing one of nature’s most genuine and comfortable fabrics - linen. We believe that less is more and natural is best.


We both adore flax in its sustainability, classic look, and ability to bring a sense of closeness to nature.

We believe our home decor range will bring joy and a modern yet cozy feel to your homes.

The whole collection has been carefully chosen from some of Europe’s best boutique designers and producers.

A big focus for us is fair trade, sustainability and providing environmentally conscious products, wherever possible, that you can feel good about buying, wearing, or adorning your home.


Our linen collection includes a range of clothing for women, to take you through life with style, comfort, timelessness, and uniqueness. It also includes bed and table linen. Its simplicity, breathability, and longevity will add warmth and luxury to your home. Added to our linen collection are other home décor products, from handmade ceramics to hand-crafted Polish traditional crocheted table runners, which are extremely unique in their production. The range extends to wool as well and other natural materials such as clay.


We hope each of you will enjoy our initial collection. With each season we look forward to adding more products of equal beauty, comfort and inspirational uniqueness.


This is where style meets nature

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Natural flax is one of the most noble and unique materials. It is completely natural, biodegradable and skin-friendly. It is resilient and strong. Linen is timeless.

Flax is thermoregulating and hygroscopic. It absorbs moisture well and dries very quickly. The fabric is airy, light, antibacterial, antistatic, and hypoallergenic. It makes the ideal material for clothing and bedding. Research shows that sleeping in linen bedding improves the quality of rest.
The cultivation and processing of flax is a complex, timely and expensive. Linen products will be additions in your life that will last you for years.
Linen lingerie, clothing, and linen bedding have been used with us for centuries. It was once known as the "silk of the North". Now, in the era of modern technology, fast fashion, and vast materials, linen continues to shine/inspire. In the era of modern and improved materials, we still eagerly return to this natural fabric, appreciating it for its exceptional properties.

Linen, ​in its simplicity, does not need additional decorations or flair. Its beautiful, delicate creases will effortlessly complement anyone's personality, style, and home. 


Who you use for delivery?
We use Australia Post for our deliveries. Once we have sent your order, you will receive a tracking number.

What is the shipping cost?
We are pleased to offer FREE delivery for all purchases over $200. For all purchases under $200, a flat rate of $12 per order applies.

How long will my order take to arrive?
Due to the current pandemic situation and backlog in deliveries, we cannot guarantee a set time. For a standard delivery time, refer to our terms and conditions.

What is your return policy?
Items can be returned if they are found to be faulty.
There is a 14 days limit on contacting us and reporting the issue by email with photos attached. We will follow it up with either an email or phone call.  
We cannot refund any money if you change your mind so please choose carefully. 

For more information please refer to our Terms and Conditions, Return Policy and Product Care or contact us at

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